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Removing Court Records from Google: Strategies for Safeguarding Your Online Reputation

Legal action is a fact of life in all societies, and each and every citizen in a lawful society is obliged to follow the law. Without a doubt, living in the world means having to face the law. Remove Court Records If you run a business, you can be a potential target for legal action. It can be from the public, business partners, and even employees. 

Before the digital era, it wasn’t complicated to hide if you or your business had been involved in legal proceedings, as anyone who wanted to find out had to go through a bunch of processes and would still be more likely to get half or no information. However, thanks to the internet, now they can simply Google your company’s name and get not only news articles about you but also have access to multiple legal databases. 

Unfortunately, small businesses are usually on the verge of getting more affected by such information than big brands. The reason being the influence and online presence of big names might overpower such news and records. Read this article to learn how court records can impact your public image and business and the best ways to remove court records from the internet.

Why is it Essential To Remove Court Records From Google?

When you Google your name, the last thing you want to see is a court record in search results. Undoubtedly, court records can dramatically impact your personal and professional life. It doesn’t matter if you were found guilty or not or if the case is old or new; the mere existence of a court record is enough to tarnish your reputation. This can negatively impact your personal brand and your business. Additionally, court record can make it challenging to attract new sponsors and potential customers. 

If you’re an individual, landlords, employers, and other organizations may discriminate based on your court records, even if the charges were minor or the case was dismissed. Hence, it is essential to remove court case from the internet.

Impact Of Court Records On Your Online Reputation

A court record is something even the wealthiest, and the most influential ones are afraid of. It can turn someone from the top to a fall-from-grace story. Here are some ways court records affect your online reputation.

  • Cause embarrassment
  • Damage your credibility
  • Limit your opportunities
  • Push away potential clients and customers
  • Drastically reduce sales and profits

In this age, Online Reputation is critical to everyone. If your name is attached to a court case, it might become harder for you to achieve your personal and professional goals. That’s the reason you want to stay protected from this.

Ways to Remove Court Records From the Internet

Removing court records can be an arduous and time-consuming process. However, you can try the following methods to remove court records.

Contact Google For Contact Removal

You can file a content removal request on Google to remove your court record. Having said that, Google only removes content under some conditions, like malware, phishing, and information made public without consent. These conditions do not apply in this case, so success chances are low.

Yet another way is Google Legal Removal Request System. If the data shown violates the law and you have a valid court order with you, you can go for this method, and Google will take the content down. Still, it is a shot in the dark. Because if you attempt and fail to get a court order for content removal from a search engine, another case will be attached to your name.

Contact The Website That Hosts The Content

One thing you can do is contact the website for a content removal request. Although only some websites remove their content, you can be persistent and try your luck, as this method might work out for you. Sadly, this procedure has many limitations as the sites holding data are government websites that work for the public interest. They have little to no reason to remove their content.

Go For Legal Expungement

One more legal strategy to remove civil case from record is expungement. This means requesting the law and getting your records erased in the eyes of the law. But, expungement only applies to certain convictions and arrests and is for wrongly convicted individuals. Also, the method requires going through a whole process of applications and proceedings with little hope of the decision being in your favor.

The Ultimate Solution: Reputation Management

There is no legal way to make court records magically vanish from all websites and Search Engines. But don’t worry; you can outrank those records with the help of reputation management. The real problem is not you being involved in a court proceeding; it is the case ranking above your brand, maligning your image. Clearly, if Google ranks your content and website higher, few people will see your legal records as they’re pushed down by positive information and your brand content.

However, this requires carefully developed strategies and expertise and can be time and labor-intensive for an average person. Reputation management firms can do this job. They specialize in maintaining an Personal Reputation Management Services and can help you remove court records. An authentic reputation management company can be a savior for your damaged reputation.