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Fix Google Auto-fill & Suggest Result

Have you ever Googled your business name or your company and found misleading, unfair or negative results? 

Negative searches can quickly destroy any image you have built over time in a world where 83% of people believe what they see online more than what they hear.

Did you know that 97% of people search online for information about any business while only 9% visit a company’s site? Family and friends often search online for information about a person to get in touch with on their first date.

It’s better to address negative search results for your business or name online before it is too late. Your online reputation will suffer if you allow such results to remain active.

Bad results can happen to good people..

While the internet and social media can be used by anyone, there are downsides. Your reputation can be damaged by a bad blog post, angry status update, or a dissatisfied customer, employee, or you. Even suspicious pictures can affect your pristine image. Bad SEO results can happen! How to improve your online reputation

SEO content should be optimized to your conversion funnel. It also leads to the best possible customer service. SEO isn’t the only way to increase organic traffic. SEO supports lead generation and nurtures efforts by providing precise details to potential buyers at the right time.

Your initial reaction may not work

After you have seen the negative results of your site, it is not a good idea to call site owners or leave negative comments. This can cause more damage than good. Search engines don’t work in this way so you can’t even contact them. There are still other things you can do. Continue reading to learn how we can assist you.

Is it possible to hide negative content online?

The best and most permanent way to remove negative search results from Google is to completely delete them from the internet. Google will not show any negative results if it is possible to remove the content. It won’t be visible to anyone who searches for your brand or website. It’s not easy to do the same.

Online links can be categorized as websites that you control, profiles, or sites you don’t own. You can remove any link from your website. Negative searches are most often coming from websites you do not own or control. It is important to trust professionals to remove negative content. This method seems to work well. Reputation Maintenance knows how to hide unwanted searches under other results.

Remember that pushing down or burying negative results in search engines is a continual process. You must keep up with social media and update your website regularly, even when positive results begin to appear. There are many ways to increase your presence and profile. Reputation Maintenance is a great option to help you get started. For additional assistance, contact us online for a free consultation. We can help you create a barrier around your brand, avoid any negative outcomes and increase your visibility.