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Get a Second Chance at Clean Slate With Mugshot Removal Services

Imagine you type your name in Google search, and the first thing that appears in the search results is a mugshot. The whole scenario can be humiliating. A lot of people don’t realize that you can get arrested but not be charged with a crime. A mugshot can be uploaded online in seconds and be there for years or even forever to haunt you. How Mugshots Removal Services end up online and legal ways to erase mugshot reviews entirely from the internet.

Why Should You Remove Mugshots Online?

A little mistake should not cause you embarrassment for a lifetime. When your mugshot is publicized online, you can miss out on a multitude of opportunities in your business, personal or professional life. If you’ve applied for a job and the recruiter searches about you online, they might not even consider you for the role. Similarly, having a mugshot online can hinder you from attending your dream school or even starting a new relationship.  

These unflattering images can significantly impact your online reputation, which can affect your relationship with your friends and family, (Reputation Management Audit Services) as they might become reluctant to spend time or go out with you. But why do websites plaster your mugshots all over the internet? Simple, because it benefits them.

How do Mugshots End up Online?

Mugshots are public records and hence are accessible to the general public. Posting mugshots on websites is legal and is not opposed by law. There are several databases that upload mugshots they obtain from government agencies. They claim to do that in the public interest and say these are news items. However, this is a big business. As statistics tell, over 4.53 million people were arrested in the U.S. for all offenses in 2021. This reveals that mugshots help such companies make millions of dollars.

So, is there any solution to get your way out of this whole situation? Luckily, there are some legal methods that can help you remove your mugshot from the internet:

Ways to Remove Mugshots From the Internet

Contact The Website Owner

If you see your mugshot circulating the internet, the first thing you can do to remove it is to contact the owner of the website which uploaded that mugshot and request them to take it down. Some websites are rigorous in content and image removal, so you should thoroughly read the policies and guidelines before contacting the owner. Make sure that you’re professional and polite in your communication. In some cases, the website owner might take down the image.

Send “Image Removal Request” to Google

If the mugshot violates the privacy and guidelines of Google, you can contact Google for image removal. However, in most cases, the image is not removed because of the strict policies of the platform. Moreover, the removal is applicable to search results only, and the picture will still appear on the source website if not removed.  

Push Down The Mugshot in Positive Results 

When removal is not possible, you can push down those unpleasant images in the search results. If you spread positive content about yourself with expert SEO techniques, the negative content, like mugshots, will automatically go down in search results, and fewer people will click on it. 

Get A Criminal Record Expungement 

In some cases, it is possible to get a legal expungement, which means getting all your criminal records deleted and your files closed. It makes you clean in the eyes of the law and is valid for certain convictions. If you get the expungement, all your legal records, along with the mugshots, will get deleted.

Hire A Mugshots Removal Service

The best way to protect or re-establish your online reputation is by hiring a mugshots removal service, as professionals are more likely to be successful as a result of years of experience and expertise in the field. 

Reputation Pride is your data removal service provider. We understand how much your privacy and esteem mean to you. That’s why we take effective and legal measures to free you of any embarrassment and improve your online reputation so you can achieve your goals with dignity. To get started with us, contact us today and book your consultation.