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The Importance Of Removing Negative Search Results For Your Business

In the digital era, a solid online reputation is critical to the success of any business and the popularity of a personality. The negative information and negative results in the searches can damage your Online Brand Reputation. They might cause potential clients, partners, and employers to think often before engaging with you. Hence, it is vital to remove negative search results to protect your online reputation. 

We will discuss the repercussions of negative search results and the importance of suppressing negative search results. You will also learn to remove negative search engine results.

Effects Of Negative Search Results On Your and Your Business

It is essential to remove negative content from Google searches as negative search results seriously impact your professional and personal life. Potential clients, companies, and employers usually search individuals and organizations over the Internet before they decide to do a business deal or hire someone. Therefore, negative results like bad reviews, controversial articles, and even some defaming comments can make the potential to choose your competitor over you. 

If you’re looking to grow your business, it is essential to Remove Bad Google Results. Without any doubt, they can negatively impact your trustworthiness and credibility. This is specifically true in the fields that require a high level of trust and reliability, like law, healthcare, and finance. For instance, suppose you’re a finance manager and your clients have posted nasty comments and reviews about you. In that case, your potential clients will hesitate to contact you. Similarly, if a doctor or even a makeup artist is poorly rated by the customers, it can be a huge setback for their business.

Negative Information Can Spread Online in Seconds!

It is necessary for businesses and individuals to know how negative information spreads on Google and other search engines. Complex algorithms determine which results to display when a particular keyword is searched. While deciding search results to be shown first, factors like authority, credibility, and relevance are taken into account. 

Negative information that comes from an authentic source like a news outlet might rank higher. Additionally, such information has a more significant potential to damage your reputation. It might even rank higher than a piece of positive information about your brand that comes from less authentic sources. Therefore, it is essential to remove bad search results.

Negative Search Results Are The Real Culprits

You should remove negative Google results if you don’t want to lose a majority of your business leads. Research suggests that over 90% of people research a brand online before they make a purchasing decision. According to studies, a negative search result on Google causes a business to lose 22% of its potential customers. When these negative results jump to 4, it might cost a brand a loss of 70% of its leads. Such situations can turn out to be disastrous for a business. 

How Can You Remove Negative Search Results

  • The legal framework provides several remedies to remove negative content from search engines. This involves the right to be forgotten. You can request the search engine to remove the information about you that is no longer credible or accurate. However, these measures do not guarantee success and might e labor and time intensive.
  • You can also take some DIY steps to remove negative Google search results. For instance, you can contact the website that posted negative information about you and request them to take it down. Moreover, you can create and optimize your profiles on social media and post content on a website with an effective SEO strategy to push down the negative ones.
  • The best option for you is to opt to hire an Online Reputation Management Agency. A credible reputation management agency can use different techniques like SEO, PR, and content creation to make your brand stand out in a positive way.

Key Takeaways!

No one wants to see a negative post or review about their brand or themselves, especially in the first age of Google. However, if that comes from a credible source, that is more likely to be on the top, costing your business a lot. Fortunately, there are many credible agencies out there that can help you with your reputation management. This might look expensive at first, but in the long run, this can bring incredible benefits for you and your business.