Remove Negative News Articles

Remove Negative News Articles From Google to Restore Your Online Reputation

They say bad publicity is also publicity, but does it impact you or your business positively? In the digital world, having a positive online reputation is crucial for your and your business’s success. One negative piece of information about your brand can drastically impact your sales and revenues. Remove News Articles spreads in seconds, especially if it is from a credible source. Besides that, many studies have shown that people are less frequent towards brands with bad reputations.

If you’ve been the subject of a damaging news article, do not despair; we’re here to help you! This article will explain why the removal of negative stories is vital for your reputation and possible ways to remove negative news articles.

Why Remove News Articles From Google?

In the old times, when a story was published against a brand or a person, they were told to relax as a piece of paper would not last. However, the same cannot be said about online news. Once something is uploaded, it lasts years or sometimes forever and may reappear in case of any controversy.

Over 86% of Americans get their news from online sources. As most people watch news online, negative news stories can be hurtful to your business. With more than 85% of people searching for a brand online before making a purchase, negative news stories can harm your online reputation and push away potential customers. Unfortunately, unlike physical news, digital news is not going to just vanish on its own. Therefore, it is essential to remove newspaper articles from Google to build and retain your reputation.

Do Negative News Articles Rank Well in Google Results? ​

If you’d have to choose from two news stories, one has the title “Floriexo: The largest flower exhibition in North America” and the other one says “Watch how celebrity X insulted an interviewer during a show,” you’ll be more inclined to click on the latter one. As human beings, most of our minds are drawn toward negativity easily. That is why it takes a much shorter time to spread negative news than positive one.

Google search results are derived from its algorithms that are based on many factors, including traffic and engagement. Negative news receives more attention and traffic, and hence, it is ranked higher by Google. This means that even though positive news articles might not feature well, negative news articles, even outdated ones, can gain popularity and resurface. Therefore, you want to remove negative news articles to protect your Personal Reputation. 

Ways to Remove News Articles From Google

If you’re a victim of negative news articles, you might be looking for possible ways to remove articles from Google. Unfortunately, when some information reaches the internet, it is almost impossible to delete it completely. However, there are some steps you can take to reduce its impact on your business.

Contact The Website Hosting The Article

The first thing you can do to remove a news article is contact the website that hosts that article. You can request that they remove the news if it includes incorrect or misleading information. Make sure you’re not getting aggressive and are persistent in your efforts. Although some websites agree to remove the content, unfortunately, others have a strict content removal policy.

Develop A Solid Online Presence

If you have an outstanding reputation online and people are familiar with your brand, you are less likely to be caused reputation damage due to such incidents. Moreover, if you have a strong online platform, you can use that to debunk any misleading information and address any rumors about you.

Here are the strategies to strengthen your online presence:

  • Applying SEO best practices
  • Developing a robust content marketing strategy
  • Taking advantage of social media

Hire A Reputation Management Company

If you’re struggling to remove news stories from Google, consider hiring an authentic reputation management firm. These companies specialize in Personal Reputation Management and they can work to remove negative news from search engine result pages or push them down in search rankings. 

Negative news can terribly damage your reputation, which can have a massive impact on your personal and professional reputation. in the past, big brands and celebrities have been victims of such online content and have borne great losses. For that reason, it is crucial to tackle such news and take practical measures as soon as possible to safeguard your reputation online.